Do you not like Google Chrome? Know the three best browsers to replace it

devices Android come with certain applications of Google installed by default. One of them is their browser Google Chrome. However, this browser is not to the liking of all users. If that is your case, you can not miss this post. In it we show you the best options to replace Google Chrome.

¿Replace Google Chrome?

Chrome is the browser par excellence of Google. And without a doubt, is the most widely used browser in the world. This is starting from the point that Android is also the operating system most used. Generally, each person that acquires a device Android, begins by using Chrome to navigate. But this does not guarantee that you will keep doing it as time passes.

Although the Google browser it is very full, not all what they prefer. And that is for many users, Chorme has some flaws. For example, do not have functions that if you can be found in another browser. That is why below we will show you the best three options to navigate, if you don’t like Chrome. And you can not only browse, but also to have the search bar of any of these browsers.

The three best options to replace the Google Browser

If you want to replace the Chrome, just you have to enter Google Play Store and free download any of the following options:

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the direct competition of the browser is a favorite of Google and another classic in terms of navigation refers. It is an excellent option for Android with an endless amount of possibilities. Maybe it’s not the browser more modern, but yes that is functional and above all practical. It offers a navigation fast, customization and also a mode de navigation incognito.

Microsoft Edge

This is the option that offers us Microsoft and it is a browser that brings with it many interesting functions. The main one is that, all searches made on your mobile will sync with your PC with Windows 10. This will allow you to continue on your PC that you have begun from your device Android. Without a doubt, is very practical and ideal for those who work online.


it Is a browser that perhaps cost you a little familiar in the beginning. But once you do and know how to use it you will realize how really useful that is. Has a cool design and very eye-catching and offers many interesting options to all its users. Among them we can name the ad blocker, popups, or the saving of data. Has many fewer options than Chrome or Firefox, but it is definitely much more appealing in its interface.

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