Do you like to walk? This app pays you for it


Win money walk, that is the idea of the creators of BitWalking, an application that pays you for walking. BitWalking has created a new currency called dollar BitWalking that will be generated at each step.

The creators of this project have managed to gather $ 10 million thanks to investors japanese and on top of that are based on the idea of creating a device that could replace the smartphone for support and porting this application, especially designed for developing countries where you have to walk for long periods of time in search of resources.

Ganar dinero caminando

why you should try BitWalking?

What is BitWalking? Why is the service? What are the features? then we speak about the features of BitWalking, a service that is still in the testing phase. With BitWalking will walk and we will be able to spending the money generated in a special store or redeem it for real money.

Uses a new currency

In BitWalking has created a new currency, you will not receive your compensation in euros or in dollars. Simply convert your steps in $ Bitwalking (BW $) that you can use and manage free-form. The money will remain in the account until transferred, or spent.

Is an international service

All the world should be able to generate money and a step is worth the same to all, no matter where you are, what is important is the amount of steps you take daily.

The dollar BitWalking is a criptomoneda as the Bitcoin

Walking is health

The more you exercise (without going over), the better health. The exercise is good for all and we know that our health is very important. Walking improves your health and happiness, it is very easy to start walking and to earn money. The endorphins released by exercise are not released in so many other ways, and are completely necessary to be happy.

Walking does not pollute

Walking doesn’t pollute. In addition, when you walk through the city you also win BW. Unlike other coins that are mined with PCs these are generated on the basis of walking, and walking, a much more efficient manner. Walking is totally eco-friendly and beneficial for the environment.

This new currency is a private and secure

Working with Bitwalkings will give you security because they are insured and are easy to transfer. You can transfer Bitwalkings to any person and to any place in the world. You’ll have a perfect control of your money and leave you with a great security. It is a criptomoneda similar to Bitcoin but that is generated in a completely different way.

BitWalking is still a program that is in a test phase that you can participate, you just have to enter in your web, enter the e-mail and the type of mobile phone you use (Android or iOS) to wait until you get an invitation to your email.

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