Do not say lies in WhatsApp, you can go to jail

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this is Not the first time someone ask me for a hoax of WhatsApp and it is that telling lies on WhatsApp is dangerous, so dangerous that lie in WhatsApp, it is a crime. Obviously you’re not going to go to jail for to tell your girlfriend that you have not come to the feast and what you have done but the thing changes when we talk about hoaxes in WhatsApp and chains that run without rhyme or reason and that at the same time lack a lot of sense.

there is more to take a look a few days ago when the attacks in France gave rise to a lot of chains to be spread via WhatsApp that there were certain, strings that grow in a state of uncertainty among the population for anything necessary, and that cause the fear of a large part of the same. With this fact have come to light several arrests caused because of some lies spread through WhatsApp. Remember that in some countries it is even a crime to delete your conversations from WhatsApp.

Bulos falsos

can I go to jail for lying in WhatsApp?

What began as a grace between 4 jóvene of the locality of Estepona in Malaga will cost you now a fine between 600 and 30,000 euros. These 4 young people between 18 and 21 years have been identified as alleged perpetrators of messages that warn of false bomb threats, false terrorist attacks, and devoid of a lot of sense.

The National Police has already carried out the arrests and it is in these moments (now more than ever) is investigating this type of offence. Now, the Police ask for via Twitter, one of their channels most commonly used, that does not make the case to these strings and that should not be broadcast to our contacts, especially in time sensitive where some people may feel much more fear than it seems.

The authorities want to curb this type of practice is that each time that happens a disaster are more messages in the social networks devoid of sense but that terrorize the population. If you want to be aware of these attacks, it is best to follow @police on Twitter. Be careful with these practices, to terrorize the population is not something that needs to be done because the fear is not conducive to anything good.

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