Do is to go to the bathroom as an excuse to use the smartphone?

Es ir al baño una excusa para usar el smartphone

The smartphone surround us, and these moments are essential in our lives because they allow us to do everything: talk with our friends and family, send messages, play the best games without moving away from the sofa and down the street… and much more. They are great! But what we’re going to the bathroom as an excuse to use the phone? On many occasions, yes we do.

do Is go to the bathroom as an excuse to use the smartphone?

If you live with your parents, assured you that “don’t use the mobile on the table“, “leave the mobile that we are watching tv”, “leave your mobile phone that has come a family” etc etc Is mathematical, if we live with our parents we have much less freedom to use the mobile.

And the same if you live in couple, because it could look so uncomfortable to see who we are talking about or why we did not leave the mobile at once. Something similar is happening to this couple:

Phubbing smartphone

Many times we take more time than we really need in the bathroom just to use the smartphone. We have many ways to entertain thanks to its existence, because we can not only talk, but also to play those fun games that engage (and that last a long time).

These games or these conversations are fun, make us it more time in the bathroom as an excuse to use a little more mobile. And is that the bath allows us to do many more things than our needs, because a swim with your smartphone always feel well.

it Is clear that each person is a world, but surely you’re meditating, and is fulfilled in your case. how Many times you took the mobile to the bathroom? How much time do you spend playing or talking about? does Not fail. We love the smartphone, live connected.

Even if we had a bath we took the mobile, when before we’d panic if we fell into the water. Now even make them waterproof, so they don’t happen nothing if we drop by to be playing or talking with our friends.

Our habits have changed

habits have changed. We use more mobile than ever. And we prefer it to any thing, because they allow us to do it all. A theme that serves to meditate without a doubt about how we have changed, and that is before we were going to relax and now to follow even more connected.

do you Remember when you were wearing the notes to the bathroom? One of the places in which you concentrabas. Now, however, also have left side for the mobile. How awful!

At what time of day you use over the phone? Are you going work the bathroom as an excuse to use it? An article a little funny out of the ordinary, but that helps us to reflect on how we have changed.

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