Do a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with two S Pen in the box? So is

we Already know all of this last mobile of Samsung. Your Galaxy Note 9 the truth is that he has gone quite round and one of the reasons for the difference is the S Pen, something that you don’t get tired in two days. And yes, in some models, comes another gift in the box of the device.

¿why are you doing this and where can I get? read on to know all the details of this “gift” of the brand.

The variant of 512 GB of the Note 9 comes with two S Pen

The first thing to say is that this, for the moment, it is only happening in South Korea. In a nutshell the model of more than half a tera of storage comes with a S Pen additional. Yes, it is a gift, but, taking into account what it costs this variant we do not know if you call it that or not.

The reason why they have done this is very simple: is an incentive to buy the more expensive version. in Addition, it comes in the color yellow is so eye-catching that gives you a certain air of exclusivity. It can also come in blue depending on the version you choose to buy it from here. Is nothing more to open the box in a container large enough. The truth is that it is not a bad idea.

By the time it is not expected that in Spain you are available this promotion. There is the possibility that announce it later to give a little push in sales. In any case, we would miss quite a bit, but we would like to, who does not want an S Pen free gift when you purchase your Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

This is all I have for you Galaxy Note 9, and their two S Pen. What has seemed to this promotion of Samsung? Do you want that in Spain as well, or you can live without your Stylus for free? Leave your opinion in the comments section and, incidentally, take a look at the Custom ROMs for the Note 9.

Source | Android Headlines

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