Dispelling the 5 most common myths about the Bluetooth

The Bluetooth technology has been, during the last few years, the best way to wirelessly pair different gadgets and devices. With the passing of time, the Bluetooth technology has undergone changes and has evolved to become each time better and better. However, at present there are many myths about the Bluetooth, that only show how little we really know this technology.

In this post we’ll disprove 5 most common myths that people believe about the Bluetooth and we’ll show you the truth about this technology.


Normally people believe that the Bluetooth only works in small rooms or short distances. However, few people know that there are different classes of Bluetooth, and, therefore, different ranges of scope.

mobile phones and tablets usually have a Bluetooth class 3 (range shorter than 10 meters) or class 2 (range of approximately 10 meters). Teams with their own source of power, such as computers, are equipped with Bluetooth class 1, which allows a range of approximately 100 meters.

The Bluetooth interferes with the Wifi

In a certain way, the Bluetooth and Wifi are wireless technologies like, what leads you to think that one can interfere with the other. In fact, both the Bluetooth and the Wifi, operate in the radio frequency of 2.4 GHz to send and receive data.

In its beginnings, the signals of the Bluetooth itself could cause a fall of the speed of the Wifi. However, since the arrival of the Bluetooth 5.0 has implemented something called “leap adaptive-frequency”, allows both connections, Wifi and Bluetooth, co-exist and remain stable.

The Bluetooth on reduces the battery life of the mobile

As mentioned in the introduction, the Bluetooth technology has changed and, above all, has improved. In its incipient stage, the Bluetooth on caused a sharp deterioration of the battery of the mobile. Luckily, since version 4.0, the Bluetooth no longer causes any kind of damage to the batteries of the mobile, thanks to the implementation of low-energy modules.

The Bluetooth can cause health problems

there is scientific research that proves that this superstition. In fact, the smart mobile that use bands as 4G or 3G emit higher energy (1000-2000 mW) Bluetooth technology (10-100 mW). Therefore, it would be more appropriate to worry about the effects of the radioactive signal 4G and 3G signals to Bluetooth.

The mode “not discoverable” in the Bluetooth is safe

The Bluetooth technology has a bad reputation in regard to security. In fact, the following piece of news confirms it: there are millions of mobile phones that are at risk from a hack on the Bluetooth.

Even if you think that in a way “not detectable” anyone with bad intentions will be able to find you, what is true is that the address of your Bluetooth device (BDA) can be found easily by hackers that use scanners and devices sniffer. For the protection of your data, it is best that you keep off the Bluetooth when not in use and avoid using the mode is not detectable.

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