Discover Jarvis, the wizard of Facebook for the home

the creator of The book of faces, Mark Zuckerberg, bet for a robot to operate by way of virtual assistant. This robot whose name is Jarvis, was developed with AI and is very intelligent, because it is able to put on some music, turn off house lights or turn them on, and you might even get to recognize the people who call at your door to decide if we open or if not. Is a personal project of the CEO of Facebook, but he is confident that they will be able to do great things. If you want to know more about Jarvis, the wizard of Facebook for the home, don’t go because we started.

No usar nombre real en Facebook

Jarvis, the wizard of Facebook for the home, what we know for now?

so far, we know that Jarvis can respond to text commands and voice. But it can do many more things as we already mentioned, because it is a robot for the home. You will be able to store shirts in your closet or open the door to your friends. But you do not have self-learning, that is to say, you can not learn for yourself new things, only what it has been trained. The aim is to achieve a self-learning without errors, which is hard.

This robot Facebook integrates many technologies and studies, as for example the the facial recognition system that will integrate only to open the door to known individuals (or to recognize your dream, for example). We have before us a good base to build a product, because although this is a personal project of Mark begins to be something more than that.

Are working on a robot that is acting in “butler” for your home

has to improve the speech recognition and the interaction with separate electric. The goal is to be as a steward for your house. to respond to specific requests of the person, to do this you must have self-learning, so that we will have to wait. You do not have a bad pint. I see a lot of power to the new “tool” of the guys of Facebook. Who knows if some day we will see it in our homes.

Amazing what Mark you want to achieve with your own virtual assistant for the home, Jarvis. We are at the beginning of something big.What do you expect from Jarvis?

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