Discover how you can make a hard reset on the OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 is a terminal that was presented in may of this year, and brought with it many important features. This smartphone is the kind of terminal is good, nice and cheap that you can buy on the market. The OnePlus 6 is characterized by having a design truly beautiful, has loads quick (super quick) and offers a good performance. In addition, it has 3.5 mm jack, dual slot for SIM and is compatible with Android P.

Today we are going to show you how to reset the hardware of the device to place it from the factory, you either give away or sell. In few words we will give you a few steps that you must follow to completely clean the OnePlus 6 and return it to the default values, which brings the phone from the factory. But before, we recommend that you remove the Google account from the device and also, you must remember the account and password to replace if that is what you want.

Steps to reset your OnePlus 6 to the factory settings

most of the people who make hard reset to their devices is because it sold or because it has problems with the mobile. It is ideal to have problems with the mobile is to try to fix it somehow, but if it doesn’t work with a factory reset. You should choose to take it to some technician or specialist who has the necessary knowledge to do this. It should be noted that, there are 2 methods to do the hard reset and they are the following.

Reset through the configuration of the OnePlus 6

  • The first thing you have to do is create a backup of all your data if you do not want to miss.
  • you Should go to the device settings to find the section on backup and restore.
  • once you have made the copy, you should proceed to click on the “factory data Reset”.
  • you Must be very aware of the warnings that appear and tap on “Clear All
  • you will Not have to do anything else because the factory reset will be automatically completed.
  • at The end, you just need to reboot your OnePlus 6 so that everything will complete successfully.

Reset through the recovery of the device OnePlus 6

There are cases where the device reboots constantly or possibly we don’t want to turn on. And therefore, we cannot do the previous method.

  • it Is important that you create the backup.
  • Then you have to turn off the device, but if not you can turn it off with the physical button you have to wait until it is running out of battery. After you have put it to charge for about 30 minutes to proceed to reset it to factory.
  • you Have to enter to the recovery mode by pressing and holding the volume down button and the power button at the same time.
  • once you see the icon of OnePlus on the screen, should you release the keys.
  • Now you will need to enter the PIN code that prompted the company.
  • it should Be noted that, you have to use the volume keys to go up or down and so we can move into the options. On the other hand, the power button is to select the option.
  • you Must select “Wipe data and factory reset”.
  • you Have to wait a few seconds. Although there is also an alternative that you could choose to call “Clear cache partition” and then, “Clear cache
  • once you’re done, you can return to the main menu to press “Reboot system now”.

All of the steps that we have provided that will help you to solve the problems regarding to your mobile device. The amazing thing is that it is extremely simple to perform, and any person without prior knowledge can do. do You dare to reset your device to factory?

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