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Not long ago we spoke of the Freedom 251, a smartphone for only 3 euros, which finally turned out to be a fraud. But now we have just discovered a similar terminal really, as is this Docoss X1, a smartphone for 10 euros. This new bet also comes from India, which is quite suspicious as well, and we would be faced again with the cheapest smartphone on the market.

it Seems that we don’t win for controversy, but a new one would be peeping the market (eye, that may not be finally). On this occasion we are talking about the Docoss X1 is a terminal with a price of Rs. 888, that is to say, a few 10-11 euros at the exchange. Has been submitted by a company out of India, and of course, it is a terminal very competent with Android. The design we see in the following image, and has no waste:

docoss x1

Docoss X1, formal specifications

These are the specifications Docoss X1:

  • Display: 4-inch WVGA.
  • Processor dual-core Cortex-A7 at 1.2 GHz.
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • 4 GB of internal storage (can be expanded by microSD up to 32 GB).
  • rear Camera of 2 MP.
  • front Camera of 0.3 MP.
  • Battery of 1,300 mAh.
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Other: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS. 1-year warranty.

We are facing a smartphone great for cost only 10 euros. Among the specifications the highlight is the processor, which when dual-core with 1 GB of RAM is not bad. It is basic, but it could even if you need a low-end cheap to check email and use WhatsApp.

With 4 GB of internal storage you will not go left, but you’ll be able to expand space by microSD up to 32 GB which offers many possibilities. The chambers are loose, but it is totally understandable for its price. In operating we are out of date, but also forgive them for their low cost.

docoss x1 10 euros 1.300 mAh are sufficient for the 4 inch, in addition, to tell with such a low resolution will last the day no problems with this battery. If you are looking for a low-range with the that do a couple of things, is your mobile. I don’t think for 10 euros.

you can Already buy and receive in your house

Docoss X1 is already available for pre-booking until the 29 of April. The first units will begin to be sent starting from 2 may, which sounds very good because it is really little.

comprar docoss x1In the case of Freedom 251, it was said that we had before us a kind of prototype and that it would take months to arrive. However, with regard to this Docoss X1, we can say that we are at the first terminal of these guys, so much care if you’re planning to enter your personal data. We still don’t know if it is a scam. It is clear that for this price we do not expect to be sent to all the world, but only pa in India. I will keep you both in how much we know more.

don’t miss it in video-review

don’t miss the first review of the Docoss X1.

What do you think of this Docoss? Are too nice to be true?

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