Discover all the novelties of Clash Royale for June

The most interesting thing in Clash Royale is when Supercell are encouraged to introduce new cards, new troops, and more things but this time Clash Royale has chosen to include a large update in the game.

No, it does not change much Clash Royale as the update of the basis of the constructor has changed Clash of Clans but yes it is true that it added a lot of stuff to the ipod video which we’ll come great. Since then, Clash Royale also needed exciting enhancements and it seems that June is not only what will be the balance changes that nerfean the witch night-but there will be many more things.

Update of Clash Royale June 12

There are many changes in the update, new cards, new game modes and even more spaces for our decks in addition to improvements in the same. Then you tell them all.

The month’s 2v2, awesome added

  • the month of battles 2 vs. 2 with new modes of battle 2v2. Yes, one of the game modes have you been playing during weekends alternate comes to the game permanently.
  • there Will be new battles, friendly battles of choice and challenges 2v2.
  • You’ll be able to collect chests with your friends, and your clan at the battles of 2v2 today.

New challenges, there are increasingly more and are more fun

Clash Royale

The challenges of Clash Royale we serve to achieve a competitiveness even greater, and what is true is that this month there will be 3 new:

  • Challenge sudden death, in which we assume that there will only be a failure.
  • Challenge increase.
  • Challenge triple elixir, with a generation of cards much faster thanks to the level of elixir.

in Addition to that, don’t you never lose sight of the message gold of the section of the tournaments because there will be a lot of them and it is best to participate in everything, the first time to participate it is free and then you can have a second attempt with a amount of gems to determine for the competition.

New letters of Clash Royale in June

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we have Already spoken of them but I remember them:

  • Megacaballero – New legendary. 7 of elixir.
  • Cannon with wheels – New epic legacy of Clash of Clans. 5 of elixir.
  • The flying machine – New special letter. 4 of elixir.
  • Balloons skeletal – New joint letter. 3 elixir.

And yes, each letter will be added to the game so sequential in a new special challenge in which you can get if we complete all the steps of the challenge, something normally quite complicated.

New enhancements to Clash Royale

nuevas ranuras clash royale

But in addition to new cards, new challenges and battle modes, 2v2 that will be a lot more active there are also a lot of important improvements in the game:

  • you Can have 5 slots for decks of war on level 8, something absolutely necessary for most players and something that had been waiting for a long time.

in Addition to that you’ll be able to invite your friends to your friends list in Clash Royale or invite friends directly to the clan, something that until now was not possible.

  • You’ll be able to disable or enable the language filter in the clan chat in the settings.
  • You’ll be able to report players or offensive messages in the clan chat.
  • You’ll be able to copy the decks of Clash Royale TV and the repeats shared, as long as you have all the cards in the deck.

in Addition, you’ll be able to belong to a clan since level 1 even though you will not be able to draw cards up to level 3, but your account will be part of a clan from the moment you arrive at the game.

And yes, the store confirms that it will show each and every one of the cards available in the game in a cycle of three months. That is to say, if you pay attention to the store and you need to buy cards from any in the next 3 months you will get safe. But we’re not done, there is still more.

Modifications in the chests

we have Already told how the cycle of chests in the Clash Royale this 2017 but there have been changes in the content of the same of that worth talking about:

  • chests giants now have less gold and common cards but to many more special cards, totally necessary.
  • The chests for magic and supermágicos now containing more gold than ever before.

And no, it is not the only thing, only thing missing is to add all the balance changes of the game. Here you have in detail all the changes of balance of the 12 of June, in the Clash Royale, are a few that would be good to display for refine the decks, and to remove the same cards that have nerfeado.

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