Did you know that you have a thumb bigger by using your mobile phone?

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There are those who say that the mobile phone is the extension of the arm but a study in the u.k. operator O2 says that use a lot the mobile is extending the thumb of some people.

Yes, in the event that the mobile is not an extension of our body now is in charge of to extend our thumb and affects our daily life with side effects that not many had ever imagined. Such is the addiction to our smartphones that there are many people who suffer nomofobia when not in front of you.

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Your mobile elongates your thumb

has carried out a survey very interesting, and has revealed that 1 in every 20 adults has a finger bigger than the other, 5% of the people who used the mobile for 2 hours a day have the thumb larger due to the numerous touches on the touch screen and the 10% of them are between 18 and 34 years old.

30% of users said notice physical changes, according to the study, where the hand with the most commonly used the cell has grown in the thumb of a 15% average in comparison with the other hand and that is enough. Others have said that your pinky finger is also suffers because you now have marks on it.

The excessive size of the mobile influence in this event

Seems that the prolonged use of the cell can alter the size of some fingers but the problem is more big lies in the size of the large mobile since it is difficult to accommodate the hand so that it does not fall off the terminal.

in Addition to ruin our social life (the mobile seems to be arruinándola completely) another of the great problems of the users are the vibrations phantom where a 5% of people ensures that note to vibrate the phone even when it’s not what it takes above.

The mobile phone has become a very powerful tool but also a problem in that the 1 in every 5 respondents claims not to be able to be a day without the mobile phone, and another 20% have been assured that they fall asleep with the phone, some even falling on your face trying to hold it. who has not had this much sleep?

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