Did you know that Apple makes it cheaper and sell more expensive than Samsung?

iPhone 7 Apple

they All believe that the mobile phone brands have great benefits but what is striking is that this isn’t true at all. Despite the fact that there are companies that sell many more mobile that other this does not mean that they earn more money even though these phones are just as expensive as their namesake.

The clear example we see that between Samsung and Apple, both companies sell mobile by enzymes of the 700 euros and Samsung sold almost double that of Apple, yet Apple’s profits are far superior to the Samsung. What is the reason? it Is obvious, Apple makes it cheaper and sell more expensive than Samsung, and today I’ll talk about that important difference.

Galaxy S7 Samsung

how Much more expensive Apple sells and the more expensive manufactures Samsung?

it May appear that a difference of 30 or 40 euros is a manufacturing process not be too much but if that what we export millions the gains are insane, they are very different for both companies.

a couple of days Ago we talked about how mobile phones will exceed the price of 1000 euros soon but what is certain is that we are confident that no mobile is worth 1000 euros (or only one). Before giving you the exact data as you, we clarify that the mobile phone that Apple sells for 1000 euros, it costs more than 250 euro to build it. Yes, so I say to you, Apple sells you the product for almost 5 times more money than it costs. What do you think?

In the iPhone 7, 128 GB Apple wins 5 times more than what it costs the mobile

The Apple iPhone 7 is one of the terminals more successful in the market along with the powerful Samsung Galaxy S7 but if you look at their prices and manufacturing prices, the difference is impressive.

  • Make iPhone 7 – it Costs 207 euros (in components), 30 euros more than the iPhone 6S. That is to say, the version of 32, 64 or 128 GB, all of these models cost 207 euros in components.
  • Make Galaxy S7 – it Costs 229 euros (in components), the price is only slightly higher than that of the iPhone 7, about 21 euros but still there are more differences. We talk about the 32 GB version.

Apple sells the iPhone 7 from 769 € to 989€, this means that their profits ranging from 562 € to 782 € . Samsung wins 489,99 euros for each Galaxy S7 sold. These prices are not the only important thing in the terminal.

iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S6

brands looking for profit, that we already know

these manufacturing costs will have to add marketing costs, development of the operating system and a few things extra but… is it necessary to pay 5 times more for something than it costs? worst of all this is that Samsung is the manufacturer of many of the components (get cheaper), and Apple buys practically all other brands like Samsung and company.

With this we can deduce that in addition to costing less to manufacture the terminal, its components are more out of date and of poorer quality, or worse performance than that mounted the Galaxy S7, one need only see the last few panels AMOLED from Samsung and the impressive performance that have os Exynos straight from the factory of Samsung. Our ideas about both brands are clear but… what are yours?

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