Devil Immortal, the first game in the legendary saga arrive in exclusive to mobile

Pokémon GO and Fortnite are two of the most popular games today for mobile devices. A market in which the big game companies are focusing their attention more and more, and now he has touched the turn to Blizzard. During the last conference BlizzCon 2018 the company announced Devil Immortal, the first game in the legendary saga arrive in exclusive to mobile.

Devil Immortal, which was not at all well received by the attendees, who are still waiting for a new delivery of the saga for the PC, specifically Diablo 4, is an action role-playing game massively multiplayer online that arrives exclusively for Android and iOS devices. For the first time, players of the mythical saga will be able to enjoy a title of the famous universe of Devil in their mobile phones.

This delivery represents the release exclusively for smartphones from one of the franchises most important in the world of video games. Devil Immortal will offer six of the character classes most well-known of Devil, and adds tons of options of customization. The user can choose between the barbarian, crusader, demon hunter, the monk, the necromancer and the magician.

The first game of Diablo in get exclusive to mobile

Each one of these classes, and its own powers and abilities, and Blizzard has confirmed that prepares more classes for the future. From the company claim that Devil Immortal is a game designed to offer a dynamic experience and in constant evolution, so that will add new storylines, playable classes, loot, and challenges on a regular basis.

players will be able to improve the equipment of your heroes, as well as creating objects or creating groups before you start an adventure in the city of Westmarch, the bustling nerve centre of the Devil Immortal. Will even be able to meet and socialize with other heroes fighting against the demons while roaming the wild lands of Sanctuary.

This new installment will allow players to exploring familiar locations of the series, from the peaceful village of Wortham and the ancient library of Zoltun Kulle until the suffocating jungle of Bilefen. You can even discover recesses hitherto unknown Sanctuary.

Devil Immortal is now in pre-registration in Google Play

Devil Immortal is a collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase Games, who have designed the touch controls to be more natural and intuitive, since it is easier to move to heroes and with a single movement you can activate an ability or to ask for reinforcements. Users will also be able to chat and form groups with ease in the midst of the frenetic battles.

This new chapter of the successful saga of Devil takes place between the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and the beginning of Diablo III. In this occasion the invasion of the Sanctuary is directed by the demon known as Skarn, a Herald of Terror, the lieutenant of a more powerful Devil, which just form a new demonic army. Skarn aims to bring together the fragments of the Stone World’s corrupt and use them to resurrect Diablo.

Devil Immortal is now in pre-registration in Google Play, so that users can sign up to be the first to try out the new game in the Diablo saga. In addition, those who register will be able to get special rewards of the game, to participate in future betas and receive news and updates.

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