Deals Pokémon Go for Christmas, I take it!

If you keep playing Pokémon to GO, sure you’ve seen the Pikachu with hat and Christmas deals Pokémon Go by Christmas. These deals are great because you can get much more for less, we speak of special packs of Pokémon GO for these special holidays, and time-limited.

These special packs of Pokémon Go Special party you’ll be able to buy them now. It’s great, because it offers us much more than before, to save extra money this Christmas and enjoy more of the festivities. ¡¡You can’t miss it!!


Deals Pokémon Go by Christmas; special pack, supergenial and ultraespecial

During this Christmas season and for a limited time we have available the best deals of Pokémon Go by Christmas. If you have some money in the account, you’ll be able to buy some of these packs at the best price, very cheap for that you get a lot more than before for less. Checkout won’t ever have to be the bad guy, since the game is free and is a small appreciation towards the developers, so we recommend it.

How do I get these deals? Simply updated the game and enter the store. Click the Pokéball center > Store (will have a gift box with a red bow). In the shop you will find the special packs, and also the objects and increases always. This is what we find in each pack:

  • special Pack (250 coins)
    • 10 superball.
    • 2 incubators.
  • Pack supergenial (500 coins)
    • 20 superball.
    • 2 Incense.
    • 4 incubator.
  • Pack ultraespecial (1500 coins)
    • 25 Incense.
    • 6 Incubator.
    • 20 Ultraball.

These are the 3 packs of Christmas that we have available for now in the game. It is a way of celebrating the Christmas in the Pokémon GO, so that gamers can enjoy more for less money.

Grab now with the best deals of Pokémon GO

These deals Pokémon GO (Christmas) will be available for a limited time. ¡¡Now entering the game and become the best packs!! Remember that you will need to first buy the coins for euros.

  • 100 pokémonedas = 0,99 euros.
  • 500 pokémonedas = 4,99 euros.
  • 1.200 Pokémonedas = 9,99 euros.

Both in the packs as on the coins, the more you buy the cheaper you get in proportion.

¡¡How to enjoy it!!