DC Legends available for Android, connects to your favourite superheroes on the same team

dc-legends-androidsome time Ago that was talking about the possible launch of a video games for mobile devices on superheroes. This wait has ended and finally we have here the new game from DC Comics, the new DC Legends integrates all the superheroes and villains of comic books.

The objective of the game is to forming a team, in which we can choose superheroes as villains. Once created, our team have to deal with the problems that come to us, we will have to save the worlds of our heroes.

DC Legends, attached to your heroes and villains favorites

the theme of The game is very unusual because it is form a team and fight against waves of enemies that will try all forms that we might not accomplish our goals. This gameplay is being adapted by many games already that appear to be that users enjoy most, for example, a turn-based combat.

dc-legendsWe will have the possibility of recruiting characters such as The Joker, Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn and many more. In addition, we will face Nekron and the Hunters in the campaign mode along different locations known DC as a Metropolis, Themyscira, Thanagar, etc

The game includes a multiplayer mode in which we can compete against other players from all over the world and show our ability in the creation of computers. As we improve climb positions in the rankings of the 14 leagues, getting rewards each time best.

dc-legends-juegowe will Find special events daily and weekly based on the comics, movies and series from DC, in which we will be able to get new characters and incredible rewards. We will be able to get objects powerful for our heroes as the Batiboomerang of Batman, the Power Battery of the Sinestro or the Ring of kryptonite from Lex Luthor with the goal of improving their skills.

If we climbed to our superheroes and villains will be able to reach the five stars and turn them into legends. In addition to the legendary heroes have superpowers and statistics much more powerful, also having a visual identity distinct. The game is totally free and what you can download from Google Play with the link that I leave here below.

Google Play | DC Legends (Free)

are you Going to test this new delivery of DC?

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