Cyanogen Android terminals adopts new family offering official support

Cyanogen Mod

CyanogenMod does not stand alone for his long career for a long time, if not also to provide official support to a large number of Android devices , which clearly position it as the perfect candidate to choose a AOSP ROM personalized and with constant updates, and well above even better service than the manufacturer himself, always limited to those few two years we all know.

However, not long since announced or rather they welcomed new handsets to its portfolio. Fortunately things have changed and today is the day set to announce its new support .

Cyanogen announced new terminals compatible with the ROM

There are those of past generations and current, more powerful and more modest but all very interesting . Among the candidates or rather find some elected as the new Motorola Moto E, also the new Motorola Moto G and other important as the Honor 4 4X Honor, Huawei Ascend Mate 2, Xiaomi Mi3w, Xiaomi Mi 4, Oppo R7, R7 R5 Plus and Plus, among many others.

Although Chinese terminals are more punctual, is cause for celebration officially support available with CyanogenMod new Motorola Moto E and G two ours in great demand and sold in many regions of devices, including .

Señas de identidad en el nuevo logo de Cyanogen

future plans, new handsets on the way

But it does not end here, far from it. They have also had the detail to talk about some of the foremost end of the year, and are none other than the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 egde, LG G4 or HTC One M9, which are still under process adaptation by all features including as hardware and soon there will be more news about it.

also is to know what plans the arrival of Android 6.0 Marshmallow , the much anticipated and long-awaited new version of our beloved operating system that definitely comes to correct the mistakes of Lollipop, both performance RAM as management and significantly improve energy efficiency.

What terminals want to include support? And more importantly, how do you think the next version, CyanogenMod 13? be called

CyanogenMod | Expanding the device family CM

And you do you think? Head over Cyanogen adopts new Android terminals his family offering official support to make your mark.

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