Convert TV to Smart TV

Want turn your regular TV into a Smart TV ? You can easily do this through a variety of tricks and accessories that you’ll explain below.

Convertir Televisor en Smart Tv

TV as we know it now has changed his mind. At a time when almost all devices must be connected to the Internet, TV not be less. We know of the existence of Smart TV, performance, but if we get our old TV has options still.

What is a Smart TV?

A Smart TV is a TV connected to the Internet and also can install different applications. The benefits of having the internet in our TV is like having access to various video stores that offer movies and TV shows in HD quality, access to applications such as Skype, Youtube, Facebook, game screen large and access to extra content offered by DTT channels.

The range of devices that can transform our TV to Smart TV is extensive. Similarly, the price of each unit also very wide. We can go from € 40 a stick-type devices with HDMI connection to 120 euros in web TV sets, which are like mini-computers capable of surfing, media playback Full HD and good connectivity.

Changing a TV to Smart TV

Let’s analyze some of the existing units on the market and that can make us internet access and content with our TV do true Smart TV


This device is designed by Google, is connected via HDMI TV and works by WiFi signal. Being a product of Google have access to play big by Google, where you can purchase content such as movies, music, serials. There is also a program that turns your Smartphone into remote control to connect your phone to your TV. The price is around 35 euros.

Chromecast, convertir mi tv en smart tv

Apple Tv

This is the option with the Apple brand. As Chrome gives you access to Google Play store, it gives you access to the iTunes Store, where you can download music, movies, etc. It also has the ability to connect content iPhone, iPod or iPod touch TV . The price is around € 99. If you’re one of the users of the Apple brand, this is the ideal way to make your TV becomes a Smart TV.

Apple_Tv, cómo convertir un televisor en Smart Tv

Blues Web TV

The Galician brand presents Web-TV. This unit comes in rivalry with Apple Tv But from the point of view of opening of applications. There is a large community of application developers who create applications Android style. Web-TV with access to many applications, multimedia content and the ability to turn your TV into a real multimedia player will have. It has a large number of updates that make the software upgrade is constant. The price is around € 120

Bluesens Web Tv, convertir en smart tv el televisor

As you can see this is a small example of the opportunities we have for turning our TV into a Smart TV and still enjoy television to another level. Which is your favorite?

Image 1: LG

Image 2: Chrome
Figure 3: Apple TV
Figure 4: Web-TV Blues

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