Control your Android with voice over Cortana in Windows 10

[19459million] Comando de Cortana para controlar las interrupciones en Android

As you know, Cortana is the voice assistant of Microsoft, which was already present in smartphones Windows, and that has now come to the computers of all those who have already upgraded to Windows 10, new version System loaded with new features. Logically, little or nothing to do with this Windows wizard Android, but if we tell you now it is possible to control our Android with Cortana and some more applications from Windows 10 , things and makes more sense.

This was demonstrated by João Dias, surely some of you sound, because it is the creator of Tasker, the application that allows us automate our Android to almost absolute limits -as long as we have necessary to configure everything correctly-patience. This developer has found a way of Voice control our Android by Cortana, through Windows 10 , and other devices.

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How Android voice control through Windows 10 with Cortana

And how he has succeeded? For this requires more than Cortana and Windows 10. We will need also, not surprisingly, Tasker and AutoRemote, autovoice and AutoApps also works João Dias. With all these tools, it is possible to control Android voice through Cortana, and as we will see in the video that follows, do things like put in “seamless” notifications.

As indicated by the developer, the user can execute any command autovoice through your PC using Cortana , because the integration of applications is complete. Of course, it takes time to get it, because as you know the that have used, these applications are not exactly simple to set up. Here are the steps to follow, as João Dias tells us:

  • Install Tasker, autovoice and AutoRemote on the Android device
  • AutoRemote Install extension for Google Chrome, and add your Android in options ( click right on the extension icon> Options)
  • Enable commands in the extension Cortana
  • Enable sending commands to devices Cortana be
  • Open Tasker and import the profile that you leave a link at the end of this article
  • Select Google Chrome as the default browser on your PC with Windows 10

From now on, any command for us to make Cortana and open a web search will be sent to the Android device, and well recognized by autovoice . Therefore, the possibilities are many! Then we leave you with the analysis of Cortana in Windows 10, our fellow WinPhone metro, and after the jump, you will find everything you need for Android control from Cortana own

Google Play | Tasker (2.99 euros)

Google Play | autovoice (Free)

Google Play | AutoRemote (3.62 euros)

Chrome web store | Extension AutoRemote | Profile

And you do you think? Head over to Control your Android with voice over Cortana in Windows 10 to make your mark.

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