Comparison: Xiaomi Redmi 4X vs Meizu M5S, the face!

Today we want to address in this comparison to two terminals really similar, and we’ll talk about their similarities and differences, so that you can not miss this comparison between Xiaomi Redmi 4X vs Meizu M5S.

If you are in doubt between buy a Xiaomi or a Meizu and you want to see what differences we have from one model to another, in this article you what we have to do not continue to have any questions.

xiaomi redmi 4x

Comparison: Xiaomi Redmi 4X vs Meizu M5S

What features do we have for these Xiaomi RedMi 4X vs Meizu M5S?

  • Screen: 5 inches vs a 5.2-inch 720p.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 435 vs MediaTek MT6753.
  • RAM and storage: 2 GB + 16 GB / 3 GB + 32 GB vs 3 GB + 16 GB / 3 G + 32 GB.
  • rear Camera: 13 MP f/2.0 vs 13 MP f/2.2.
  • front Camera: 5 MP f/2.2 vs 5 MP f/2.0.
  • Battery: 4.100 mAh vs 3000 mAh (mcharge).

These are the differences between the main characteristics of these terminals. You already see that we are dealing with two mid-range that do not have waste.

  • do you Want more screen? Meizu M5S.
  • do you Want more battery? Probably Xiaomi RedMi 4X. But Meizu M5S comes with a fast-load.
  • Do You Want To Snapdragon? The bet of Xiaomi. In performance Xiaomi RedMi 4X outperforms Meizu M5S, so if you want to prepend to AnTuTu, it is best that you buy this.
  • If you want 2 GB of RAM to choose from, giving you the option to Xiaomi.
  • more Photos luminous with RedMi 4X.

you see that they are similar models and there are hardly any differences. But what of the rest? We analyze the most important points:

Who wins in design?

This you can see in these photos that we show throughout the article to judge for yourself. I like the design of Meizu because I’m a fan of their designs, but it is a matter of taste. The Meizu M5S you can see in the following photo:

Meizu M5 barato

If you want better photos and better performance, almost that is better andl Xiaomi RedMi 4X. If you are looking for technology fast charging and a little more of screen, Meizu M5S. But both are very similar, so buy the one you like the most that you will get right for sure.

What has seemed to our comparison between Xiaomi Redmi 4X vs Meizu M5S? We hope that at least you have been helpful to see the major differences.

If you want to know everything, we recommend this fabulous review of XiaomiToday.

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