Clavis Keyboard: the functioning and experience of a PC keyboard to your Android tablet

Clavis Keyboard

Since the introduction of the first Android third-party keyboards have always appreciated same design and operation . Have been implemented only new songs, writing new entries using voice commands and sliding.

Some who more successful collected throughout his career and getting better and support have been Swype and SwiftKey Fleksy, very similar tools, an excellent prediction and personalization in many of its aspects.

However, the praises not only limited to the best exponents in its category, as for newcomers must also attributing some recognition so it gives the user.

Clavis Keyboard: use a physical keyboard on your Android


One of the biggest problems keyboards on mobile devices is their limitation when entering more than just letters. With this we mean punctuation, for example, which often hinders their introduction since it requires access other tabs and slows writing.

Therefore, we mention Clavis Keyboard, which provides a great keyboard on your Android tablet experience with the use of a physical or conventional PC keyboard and has all the usual and typical added a keyboard on Android.

The design is most familiar. Key features as “Ctrl,” “Alt”, “Caps Lock”, “Tab” or the like. And not only these, since it incorporates others such as arrow keys that will allow us to easily move through the entered text without pressing loosely by the panel of the tablet.

In point of personalized accounts with some ample options that adjust to your preferences style keyboard and other shortcuts that appear in it. In addition, currently has 12 themes with different colors and to choose the preferred styles according to your tastes.

The downside is that now does not have any keyboard layout “QWERTY” , which is the standard used in Spanish-speaking countries. However, it is constantly updated, but will be added in the future, now has the United States, Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and France.

Although not available in our language, and does not detract recommend prove to draw your own conclusions with the free version, so if you wish, buy the “Pro” with more options extensive.

Efficient tool
See the opportunities
Simple and comfortable

Google Play | Clavis Keyboard Free (Free)

Google Play | Clavis Keyboard Pro (3.99 euros)

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  • Clavis Keyboard: the functioning and experience of a PC keyboard to your Android
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