Clash Royale: TOP 5 legendary cards

Clash Royale is the game of the moment. Yesterday I did some tricks to win the Challenge of the Witch Night; a new letter to legendary, which will come to Clash Royale next week.

well, today we have collected the 5 best legendary cards of Clash Royale, as well as some options for combining them that are worth taking into account.



For many players, the Cemetery is the best card of the legendary Clash Royale. And the reason they don’t lack. If you are lucky enough to get to the Cemetery, we recommend that you include this letter in your deck. Generates skeletons every 0.5 seconds in a radius of 5, so, if you expect that the opponent will run out of elixir, you can finish off your tower quickly. In addition, it combines very well with other cards like Esbirros, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, and Poison.


Another of the best legendary cards of Clash Royale. Its great advantage is that it can appear in any point of the sand; if you catch unaware your rival, you can make a great deal of damage to your tower. In addition, it only costs 3 elixir. Can be used with the Horde of Minions; as offense, the combination of these cards is fantastic.

Ice Mage

The Ice Mage only costs 3 elixir, and can be quite useful in a game of Clash Royale. Comes in handy for stop for a few seconds the troops rivals as you accumulate elixir to defend yourself from them. Therefore, as letter of distraction is one of the best.

Hound Lava

A letter that costs you nothing more and nothing less than 7 elixir. A real madness. But if you have experience in the game and know how to manage well the elixir during the battles, it is a letter that deserves and very much worth keeping in mind.

A real beast flying attacks the structures along with several puppies that will attack both structures and troops; combining the Hound of Lava with the Miner, you can give the game virtually won.


we Close the Top 5 of the best legendary cards of Clash Royale with the Trunk. Only costs 2 elixir and you can end up with many many letters: Goblins, Army of Skeletons, Princess, Arqueras… in Addition, it reduces the health of the Magician, the Witch and the new Witch of the Night. Therefore, it is a letter that comes very well-as defense.