Clash Royale is doing a disservice to Clash of Clans

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┬┐do you Think that Clash Royale could be beneficial for Supercell? Obviously the new game of Supercell is giving some benefits very high to the company, but the truth is that there are research firms that suggest this title as the will end up with the monopoly of Clash of Clans.

Obviously the monopoly is in a figurative sense but Patrick Walker, of the company EEDAR, tells the players that they have on their phones Clash Royale and Clash of Clans play more the title modern than the old one, although it preferred Clash of Clans. Why I think we all know, Clash Royale is always ready to play while in Clash of Clans, a real-time game, there are wait times that make us stop playing for a moment.

Nieve en Clash of Clans

why Clash Royale could be detrimental to Clash of Clans?

The idea is simple. The players who play Clash of Clans could out of the universe Supercell like that has happened with Everquest, when a lot of players are ivan directly to World of Warcraft after becoming very upset with the release of Everquest 2.

Walker points out, in the article from GameIndustry, that the success of Clash Royale could cannibalize to Clash of Clans and may even curb the domination of this title in the free-to-play. The analyst displays a chart with the loss of income of Clash of Clans after launch Clash Royale while the expenses in a competitive game, the Game of Ware: Fire Age, still increased during this time.

And yes, Supercell lately has many problems with Clash of Clans, after the upgrade to level 11 town hall the mistakes have come one after the other and what is certain is that from December to march there are still players who have not been able to play to your game from Clash of Clans the right way, something that has marked a very negative effect on the players.

Ingresos Clash of Clans bajanon the other hand Clash Royale has received so many developments that has tried to overshadow Clash of Clans at times but if this game is imposed to the classic CoC players could leave the universe Supercell and migrate to other solutions that are more innovative and less exploited. what do You think? Supercell has millions of players daily and, hopefully, not going under because of a game successful.

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