Clash Royale in maintenance, the arrival on Android is imminent

Clash Royale en mantenimiento

gamers of Clash Royale we’ve hit that at about 14:30 hours (in Spain) we can’t play Clash Royale because it is in maintenance. It is clear that the large demand of users and addicts to the game is causing their developers have to stop the game at a rush hour due to the collapse of their servers. We don’t know if it has been made in maintenance by the leap to Android or by the large demand, but we are impatient.

Clash Royale in maintenance

If you can’t play Clash Royale don’t worry, it’s not your fault, but that the servers are in maintenance. So we can’t do anything other than wait. So quiet, it’s not your connection or anything weird, they are just in maintenance servers.

Clash Royale

we don’t know for how long, for now, we in maintenance from 14:30 hours, at least we have realized it because it could lead from a little earlier. The message that we have seen, is that which we see in the image above: “Maintenance break. Sorry, the servers are under maintenance. Please try again later“. That is to say, “sorry, the servers are under maintenance. Please try again later”. And in iOS, of course, because Android will still be coming in the next few days, which we hope to do from one moment to another.

Clash Royale is an amazing game, we already have given you 5 important reasons why you should try it. But for now, the bad part is that you have to have an iOS to play it, but from one moment to another you’ll be able to play it on your Android, in addition to requiring few resources, so it is a wonder.

we will Update when Clash Royale is no longer in maintenance, let’s hope it’s soon because it’s not you, but I have a chest slope that is open 16:00 hours, so I hope for that moment to continue playing… you Can take to read these tips to level up faster, how to get gems.


To that of 15:30 hours, has already started working Clash Royale to many iOS users. It may have been a scheduled maintenance of one hour. We will keep you informed, because it could happen again soon.

What do you think of Clash Royale? What you’ve run into with these maintenance issues? What since that time? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments.

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