Clash Royale: 3 decks good with the gang of goblins

Already carry with us many days, and today we want to talk to you about decks good with the gang of goblins. We have before us a letter that uses 3 of elixir, and that is quite fun to play, because it releases 3 goblins each (3 with spear and 3 normal).

If you want to know more secrets of this letter, don’t miss the next Sneak Peek at the Alvaro we always counts everything:

Decks good with the gang of goblins

here 5 decks good with the gang of goblins: some of these decks we’ve found on TV Royale to some of the best in the world, and the collect for the play.

  • Deck 1 (153 in the world). Arqueras, ball of fire, gang, dark prince, globe, hound of lava, tornado and a baby dragon. It is a deck very interesting, because with the combo of hound+balloon+baby makes enough damage and then leaves the ball with the other letters. It is easy to play by air and land.
  • Deck 2 (175 in the world). Montapuercos, goblin lanzadardos, gang, holem ice, princess, tower, hell, a barrel of goblins and trunk. This deck is ideal for fans of the goblins (because there are 3 cards) and also the mounts, trunks, and princess, because it has the combo of mounts+golem is the best.
  • on Deck 3. Spirits of fire, bomber, gang, army of skeletons, baby dragon, montapuercos, minipekka and a barrel of goblins. This deck has the letters of minipekka and montapuercos, which is a combo very popular, in addition to other cards that work well together and separately.

These are the 3 best decks with the gang of goblins from Clash Royale that are now in the game. You see that is a letter popular and used by the best, so for sure they will like to enjoy it to the maximum this way.

you Need the cards to the max and train a lot

For which you work, remember to have the letters in high levels (whenever you can) and train a lot in the clan, because you will need to take a couple of games with these decks to know if it works for you 100%.

we Hope that you have enjoyed our decks good with the gang of goblins from Clash Royale, are the best of the best are right now. Do you recommend others?

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