Chiara is the first Virtual Reality simulator to improve your communication

Chiara is a platform that is capable of improve your communication skills thanks to virtual reality. Also, it helps to improve presentations in public to not give you panic, nerves or stay perplexed as the crowd will notice. Yes, Chiara trains you through a mobile app and with the help of some virtual reality goggles immersive for the student to feel that he is speaking to a crowd.

it should Be noted that the platform of the Chiara is available for iOS and Android, and is one of the most downloaded applications for senior managers and executives of major companies. It is amazing because it can increase by up to 20% public presentations or speeches that you have to offer to your employees. In addition, the application allows you to try up to 24 different spaces so that you can measure the volume of the voice, stage fright prior to a presentation and you are in control of your nerves.

What you will learn with Chiara to improve communication skills?

Each user can customize the training program Chiara to your liking, and it includes video tutorials that help you to practice before each event. In addition, you’ll be able to follow a series of rules which you are exposed during the virtual experience, so that you have them in mind when faced with a real public. The user may dispose of the application for 6 weeks, and when finished, you will be able to carry out practices in specific moments.

Something important that you must keep in mind, is that after each presentation Chiara will provide a feedback and tricks to improve the fluidity, security, credibility, influence and engagement. In addition, Chiara will be able to control time for you to know how much you should devote to each aspect of the presentation.

The founder and developer Soraya del Portillo asserts that this platform benefits from the artificial intelligence and for this reason, all the ratings are objective. Yes, taking into account several aspects such as the voice, speed of talking, intonation, intensity, clarity and more.

it should Be noted that, Chiara is developed by the consultant Team Training Consulting, in collaboration with the laboratory of phonetics of the university of Barcelona and the centre for technological and industrial development (CDTI). And to top it off all of the above, it is an application that is being used by companies such as BBVA, Ferrovial, ING, EFE, Santander, Vodafone, and more.

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