Cher Wang, CEO of HTC think that his HTC A9 will replace the iPhone

Cher Wang, CEO HTC imagen

HTC is one of the leading companies in Android mobile devices is concerned, since it carries with Android since version 1.0. With a good range of terminals, to which we have to add the new HTC A9, which you will be able to follow the presentation, which we will do website today, October 20, does the company follow the day in the battle to win market share. Still, HTC is going through problems, as it has had to lay off 15% of staff the problems that they have in the company.

a few hours Ago, the new CEO of HTC, which replaced the old a few months ago intended to do more advertising of its new terminal, stating that your new mobile phone ,the HTC A9, it would be good enough to replace the iPhone. Harsh words for the company of the apple, the truth is that we entarĂ­an well to many knowing that HTC is currently tried out to stay afloat after the departure of his smartphone M9.

A smartphone that disappoints many

Since we started a few to have news about the new terminal from HTC, we’ve been realizing how it would be this terminal little by little. After seeing leaked images about the new mobile company, we could deduce that its rumored specifications would not be much less a top-of-range.

HTC One A9

Your 5-inch in definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 2GB of RAM, and its Snapdragon processor 617 make the terminal, first-hand not-out as the rest of your competitors (if we want to treat this device as a top-of-range), which are now crando screens with higher resolutions of Full HD.

But this is not all. If a priori it seems to possess some specifications that are not good at all, its price would be very high taking into account this. The 599,90 euros of the new terminal, which will be presented tomorrow are excessive.

is Better than iPhone or copy attempt?

If we look at its design, the new terminal, which will be presented tomorrow has the classic tactile buttons that show a large majority of terminals though it also has a physical button (that either makes us remember to the terminals of Samsung, carriers of this button) doing that, it is a union which is not too excited and that, for some, is a union unnecessary in the terminal since the majority of smartphones current have or a physical button with two touch buttons to the sides or touch buttons in most of them. Even so, it seems that the design on the back is beautiful (thing that stands out to the company) although we could say that is somewhat square.

HTC One A9 en negro

time will tell

The time to decide if The A9 is a terminal that end up having success and to tell the truth, we would not know what to say. If the rumors of its specs are confirmed tomorrow, we could see reviews about the company. But, above all, will tell if the HTC A9 is able to replace the iPhone in sales or use.

Personally, I’m not going to spend a similar amount money in a smartphone that could be perfectly a mid-range (if the specs are true) and more taking into account that, from my point of view, the middle button to what Samsung does lose the composure that had the terminal. For that price, I prefer to buy other mobile phones that give you better size than the A9.

therefore, HTC would need something that returned it to define, as it was a company very dear from who was with Android since its inception and by its large terminal facts. HTC should come out with something innovative if you do not want that the same thing happens to BlackBerry currently with your situation.

In any case, you will wait until morning to be able to view the presentation and learn first-hand how will be the new terminal.

What do you think of the phrase of the new CEO of HTC?Do you like the new terminal? don’t hesitate to comment on it.

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