“Challenge of motherhood”, the dangerous viral Facebook

viral reto maternidad

A new viral alarming is spreading in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. A publication named as “the Challenge of maternity” has gone viral on Facebook, but although at first may seem like something interesting and positive, you could have a dangerous and terribly negative in the case of minors who appear in it, so if you have received it, the first thing I recommend is that you do not share it. And as you mentioned, that do not upload any photo. We tell you what is this all about:

“Challenge of motherhood”, new viral

The viral touch the chord of the people are, the more scope they have. In this case, is spreading a new viral related to mothers and their children, who climb the social network images of your small to to show to their friends on Facebook what good mothers that are. However, this could be being used by mafias who traffic with children to organize kidnappings, or paedophiles, for that is better thinking.

We have seen a great number of challenges and postings on Facebook, some funny and other slightly dangerous, but this in particular could be being used by people with bad intentions.

“The Challenge of maternity” consists of uploading photographs of mothers with their children in a loving attitude, with the motive of promoting the idea that the love of a mother towards their children is tremendously important in the life. And above all, to show friends on Facebook what a good mother is every one of the people involved in the publication.

don’t share those photos

Reto de la maternidad“I Was nominated by … to post three photos that make me feel happy to be a mother. I’m going to tag …, people that I think are great mothers and can post 3 photos for the challenge. If you are one of the mothers that I chose to copy and paste on your wall with the three photos and to the people it labels”. This is the message of the publication, along with photographs of mothers and their children.

can express Kidnappings?

In the beginning, the message is very good, but the problem focuses on the networks that are dedicated to the “express kidnappings” and the trafficking of children, who see in this new string of Facebook a simple and easy way of sign to the children of each household and have a record of very comfortable access for their evil purposes. And this can still get worse, as some mothers uploaded photos with the uniforms of their children where, in some cases, appear the names of the colleges where they are studying.

I recommend that You not share it, both for your safety and that of your children. Although it may seem absurd, things like these happen and it is better to prevent than to cure. you don’t have to prove to anyone that you’re a good mother, it is sufficient for what you are. Be very careful, please!

have You shared the “Challenge of motherhood” on Facebook? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments what you think of all this, what is certain is that we have been of stone with the matter.

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