Care, the accounts of Facebook are being hacked


Circulating on Facebook chain letters that warn that the accounts of Facebook being hacked. Really, this may sound far-fetched but it doesn’t have to be at all, since everything is hackable and it could be that this is happening in reality. Something takes playing since the last few days, so that much care with your account, do not trust your password to anyone, and refuérzala as much as possible. But this is not all, because it goes beyond, since we are talking about spoofing attacks, users posing as other people.

From a few days ago, users have been alerted of a message chain that runs through Facebook like foam. It is a message that informs you that they are hacking many accounts of Facebook. Are users or hackers that create actual user accounts and have to pass them, with your name and profile photo and adding their friends. We tell you what is this all about:

cuentas hackeadas facebook

Care, accounts of Facebook being hacked

The message in question reads as follows:

I’m giving a warning to the world… cso all accounts are being hacked. The profile photo and your name are used to create a new account in Facebook. And then contact your friends to add you, your friends believe you and accept it. From that moment, the pirates can write whatever they want under your name. I want you to know that I do not have plans to open a new account, so please do not accept a second invitation mine. Copy and paste this message on your wall for all your friends to be warned. Don’t like or share. Copy and paste the text in your state. This is serious,”.

Seems to be, that there are those who are dedicated to hack actual user accounts. What they do is done with the name and the profile photo. Then you can look at the friends you have added, and when they have all this information you create a account with all that data (what is known as phishing) and pretend to be someone they are not. This is a crime. And if you see that they have done something like that with your profile, report it to Facebook to delete the account.

Remember alert if you see something suspicious or if you see that a friend of yours sends you a second invitation. Alértalo and alert to Facebook. And spread this post to alert your friends.

so Much care! What do you think of the theme? Have you seen this chain on FB?

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