Care, recent studies indicate that it is dangerous to use a mobile phone as alarm

peligroso usar movil como alarma

there Are many people that use the mobile as an alarm clock, is the most comfortable thing in the world because while we removed the alarm we can see if we have any important notification that needs our urgent. But the last study related to this topic, has dropped that it’s dangerous to use a mobile phone as alarm. So we had the guys from Bioelectric Shield.

What is clear, is that studies reveal that about 48% of people between 16 and 34 years is wake up every morning with the alarm of the mobile. So I spend 35 to 54 years, as the percentage is 26%. While starting at 55 years, we already have a 9%.

Desactivar alarma con los botones de volumen

It’s dangerous to use a mobile phone as alarm

Where is the danger of using the mobile as an alarm clock? Basically, is that before sleep, the last thing we have looked at is the screen of the mobile, which makes it difficult to sleep. This may seem a little absurd because many people get to chat or play with your phone until they get sleep. But what is certain, is that the light of the smartphone makes it difficult to reconcile the dream.

Can provoke us to anxiety

The fact of having the phone so close, you could to provoke us to anxiety. In addition, we are exposed to radiation throughout the night. This since it has always been said, but nor are there studies that say that it is dangerous to health, the problem is, that although no notice, it is possible to you to sleep poorly-or costing you more sleep. Electromagnetic fields could affect the phase of REM sleep.

These waves always interfere in the activity of the brain. We do not realize it, but it is possible that we are not resting as well as it did years ago, or disconnecting. Because the last thing we look at is the mobile and first also (set alarm – turn off alarm).

Obviously it is not dangerous in the sense that you’re not going to die. But this study does not stop being curious. There are many curiosities that always revolve around the smartphone.

would mainly Affect 5-10% of the population

it is Worth noting, that if we take into account that between 5 and 10 % suffers from electrosensitivity to the radiation of the mobile, we say that this study would mainly affect these people, more than all the world. If you have these problems, best alarm clock of all life.

what do You call the attention or already knew?

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