Capture Pokemon in real life is possible thanks to Pokémon Go Plus wearable

Pokemon Go Plus

All those who have lived the launch of the first generation of Pokémon for the Nintendo GameBoy handheld mythical, sooner or later we have made the idea of ​​ one way or another would be great to capture those cute creatures Pocket in real life .

Although the technology is still not feasible holograms in our daily lives, thanks to the possibilities of smartphones and wearable who recently presented the Japanese company, Nintendo Go Plus you can catch them all as we go down the street , for example.

Pokémon in your day to day with Pokémon Go Plus

In the absence of the coveted game open and fully 3D world that fans of the series are eager to get their hands on, thanks to wearable Pokémon Go Plus, by application and location the same will access as we walk down the street to capture certain areas and, with a gesture as if we threw one we can capture the Pokéball.

design wearable is none other than a Pokéball but with a more elongated design that simulates the mythical location icon we know for so long in mobile operating systems like Android. In the center contains a small LED, which will notify us when accessing the capture zone and begin our adventure.

it comes built with a strap to always carry on our wrist as a bracelet, but if we wish, can be removed and hung on any item of clothing we wear as a trouser pocket, shirt or backpack even.

Pokemon Go Plus wearable

do not know no price or release date , but it is clear that it is not a device designed for the West, but rather to Nintendo’s own region. By lifestyle and as the population is accustomed to this kind of video games and cartoons, is much more ideal for us, or did you look in the street making the gesture of throwing a Pokéball to capture one of them?

Yet is a more accurate idea of ​​what that brings us closer to the world Pokémon so many of us have dreamed of realizing one way or another.

This is one of the five games for mobile devices that Nintendo promised develop sooner or later, along with the newly released Mobile Pokémon Shuffle .

How about the wearable? Will you be buying it as a fan of Pokemon you are?

And you do you think? Head over to capture Pokemon in real life is possible thanks to wearable Pokémon Go Plus to leave your mark.

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