Candy Crush reaches 1535 levels

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There are games and games for Android, but if any stands out among the rest, in addition to our beloved Clash Royale is Candy Crush who reached the 1535 levels in the application of the Google Play Store. This game is so addictive that millions of people play daily to him, which has forced developers to continue expanding them to give their users what they ask for: more levels and with different experiences of the game.

Candy Crush is one of the games for Android most popular. For Android, for iOS and for all operating system that is able to bear it, as these candies have changed the lives of thousands of people who have become addicted to their fantastic “Sweeet” and various animations, we have fun in each level of this free app. Will continue to grow and adding more levels to those 1535 levels already existing.

Candy Crush 1535 levels on Android, a crazy-unstoppable

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Primeras impresionesCandy Crush already has 1535 levels for Android, after the last update that adds 15 new. Far from stopping, the dream go the way of all the opposite, and claim to feel motivated and prepared to keep on doing updates from time to time and adding more and more levels with different difficulty.

In its version for the mobile Candy Crush has reached the 1535 level, but in the web version still has more, which are 1565 the screens that we need to overcome today to finish the game. Finishing at least for the moment. The saga Candy Crush will continue for a very long time while its creators maintain the high quality of the game and its new features.

More addiction guaranteed

Sure that you are also an addict of Candy Crush and you’re wishing that the makers keep launching more updates where we introduce new things, , isn’t it? don’t miss the latest update of Candy Canyon in the mobile version. You know, update the app to enjoy the changes.

Why what level are you walking? Have you reached the level 1535?

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