Can I submerge my phone in water, salt water?

Today we have mobile that can be submerged in water for a period of time and at a certain depth without damage. But, does this resistor also works in the water of the sea?

The water resistant of the sea in the mobile

the answer to The question that you did a moment ago, if a mobile phone can be immersed in the water of the sea is a resounding no! Even if your mobile water resistant does not mean that it can withstand the salt that holds the water of the sea which is able to oxidize metals in a very short time.

it is Even better to prevent your phone from having any contact with the water, even if it is fresh water. The majority of warranties do not cover repairs when it comes to problems with the water. Because the mobile phones with this type of protection are designed to withstand drops within the water, not to be used on it.

Then, what is the resistance IP68?

To explain it better you must know what is the meaning of IP68. This is a rule that tells you the resistance of the cell both for the powder to the water.

where the first number has to do with the dust and has 7 degrees. It goes from 0 that is not resistant at all to the dust, up to 6 which reveals that it is not possible that dust can penetrate to the mobile.

The 5 best mobile phones with water resistance

The second number in the standard account with 9 different levels ranging from 0 where no resists to anything in contact with the water, passing by the rest of the levels that endure splashes, drips, until you reach the level 8 that is able to withstand 30 minutes submerged at a depth of 1 meter.

If you want to know more about the resistance IP68 do not stop reading this post.

So, in conclusion, if you decide to go to the beach or swimming pool (pool water contains chemicals) forget to enter your mobile in the water even if it has IP68. But if you want to do it despite all the warnings, you can use covers water will protect your mobile for just a few euros.

And if your mobile has fallen into the water of the sea, the pool or the toilet, and does not load look at this advice.

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