Can I improve the camera of a mobile phone with apps?

¿You can improve the camera of a mobile phone with apps? Many users ask this question and today we bring to you the answer, because the truth is that you can improve the camera of the mobile with the help of applications.

With the passage of years, we are giving more importance to the photos, and this is the reason why more and more users are seeking the way of take better pictures with their phones. And the truth is that you can get some great shots even if you have a terminal with a normal camera and current.

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how can I improve the camera of a mobile phone with apps?

The truth is that yes, yes you can improve the camera of a mobile phone with apps. So if you see that your smartphone doesn’t take as good photos as it should, perhaps it’s because the app camera nativa does not provide its best results. That’s why we want to talk to you about some apps for Android that could come of wonder.

Good apps for Android that enhance the camera of your smartphone


Focus app is a photo app for Android that allows you to to focus better. Sure you’ve ever taken a photo up close and it has been bad or blurry because you are not able to focus a certain object. Well, that will be a thing of the past with this app because you can take better pictures and with different effects.

Focus – Picture Gallery (Free+, Google Play) →

Another app we recommend is the following:

Camera FV-5

This app on Android is also very well known and popular because it allows you to do settings in the camera of the mobile to get professional photos. You’re going to be able to adjust the white balance, ISO, shooting speed… you can’t miss it because it is one of the best apps that we find within the terrain of the photos. And supports RAW.

Camera FV-5 (3,35 $, Google Play) →


This application is one of the most popular and well known within the Android ecosystem. We like it because it comes with many stickers and a selection of filters, very interesting. It is a great tool, professional for users. You have nothing to lose by trying it, so I recommend it and it is totally free:

Camera360: Stickers and Filters (Free+, Google Play) →

As you can see, it is possible to improve your camera with apps. I try them all!

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