Calls of WhatsApp are not safe

Llamada de WhatsApp

calls of WhatsApp are now available to all from a while ago and this is something that was expected for a long while in a first moment the calls of WhatsApp gave a lot of problems today, we can say that work something better.

Now, as is the application of WhatsApp in its early days, calls WhatsApp are not sufficiently protected and some third parties may have access to sensitive data or even the company itself. There are personal data that are revealed with each call, and that is not good.

Llamadas WhatsApp no seguras

A study of the university of Brno and New Haven puts in doubt the security of the calls of WhatsApp

By means of a simple application, and through some commands has been able to force the protocol Opus, the used to make calls and WhatsApp from him can know the IP of the server used and so have access to sensitive data although the talks are not affected.

By means of the study has been able to gain access without a lot of problems for the duration of the call that is not a very important data but also was able to see the number with which it has been spoken and this is already a major problem.

Will have to see if from this security hole discovered in WhatsApp are put to work to encrypt any form of data obtained through the calls and if the company takes finally important steps or let go of the scandal as it has done on previous occasions until you have no more remedy and try to fix it in a strange way.

it is Also true that to obtain these data is not available to anyone, a basic user will not be able to know the identity of the people that interact in a call from WhatsApp and is not a danger too high but still privacy one of the main concerns of the current users is not that they take too much discomfort in companies such as WhatsApp for ensure proper.

Source | Help Net Security

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