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iPhone 6S chino más barato

There are so many chinese manufacturers that any or even put a brand on their phones, in this case we speak of all those who devote themselves to imitate phones of other brands. Now, there are also some as vPhone or GooPhone make replica good (without copying the logo from other companies) and with an acceptable quality at affordable prices.

Now, despite the fact that GooPhone is the best iPhone clones do we always find brands that manufacture iPhones fake at prices of laughter, such as the following video that has made a clone of the iPhone 6S for only $ 37 (33 euros at the exchange).

These chinese companies even, by an order large, we’ll put the logo of the company you want in the terminal. The smartphone in the video is not that it is a luxury but your price is laughable.

Specifications of the clone, cheaper iPhone 6S

What is certain is that the price is justified, despite being very cheap the features is not that they are a wonder, you will find in the clone of the iPhone 6S the following components:

  • Screen 5 inches with resolution 960 x 540 pixels.
  • Processor 4 cores Spreadtrum SC7731 ARM Cortex-A7
  • 512 MB RAM that we crave too short for the smooth functioning of any version of Android current
  • 4 GB of internal storage very fair to all types of applications, although we assume that we will have support for microSD
  • Ability to connect to 3G networks and dual-SIM

The phone, in addition to that, it has a theme that imitates the style of iOS altogether although good, nothing more to use it, because we realize that it is not perfect, and we will see that we are on Android nothing more to deploy down the notification bar.

you Can that this is not the clone of the iPhone 6S that you are looking for but its price is ridiculous, you can buy one in order to make even tests or all sorts of experiments with it that is not too much. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a clone of the iPhone 6S quality you can find here one of them. On the contrary, if you’re not looking for a clone, and yes a mobile phone that it looks like there are some normal mobile that is similar enough to the iPhone as the latest HTC One A9.

Where to buy the iPhone 6S cheaper?

This iPhone 6S cheap it is very difficult to find but if we look well we can find it, then we leave the link to buy.

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