Brothers: a Tale of two Sons comes to Android offer

Brothers a tale of two sons para Android

There are games that worth paying for and Brothers: A Tale of two Sons is one of them. After passing through bigger platforms, one of the games most emotional that we’ve tested in years has come to Android.

In this game you will live an adventure deep that it manages to connect to the player and even can make you cry in the most extreme cases, a resounding success. In this game a man struggles to cling to life and his two sons want to cure it, that is why they come out in search of the “water of life”. On this trip you will have to trust each other in order to survive and help one another without letting the weakness and the fear get the best of them.

Brothers A Tale of two Sons

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons, a game that is worth

In the game you will have several ways of getting to the end but basically it is summarized in the following:

  • Have to guide to the two brothers (Naia and Naiee) through a fairy tale epic with the help of the two joystick virtual that have been designed specifically for play on mobile.
  • you Can to control the two characters at the same time and enjoy a co-op mode but from the hand of a single player, something totally amazing.
  • In the game you will have to solve puzzles, explore the environments and ending with final bosses thanks to the unique abilities of the characters (different in the attributes of strength, size and speed).

The truth is that you will live one of those stories that you won’t forget ever with a narrative that is made with few words, a story that will take you to the end with the help of both characters, and a journey you will not forget ever.

As you can see in the trailer the graphics are pretty good and the story does not deviate too much from the view in bigger platforms. If we are here announcing you the game is because now only costs 3,29 euros if you purchase offer for a limited time.

If you do it with Brothers: a Tale of two Sons now you take him to a very low price and in addition you’ll be able to enjoy it with a gamepad normal, it is a game worth trying out.

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