Bring the mobile without the sheath, is it really an option?

Sure you’ve seen many brave carry the phone without cover, but is that really how it is a good idea? What is true is that it depends a bit of the terminal and of the person. And that is what we are going to see a little bit in the article, for you to decide to carry a mobile without liner or joke you think or do is for you.

it Is clear that each cell is a world. There are more or less resistant but there are also people more or less careful. In this article, a mode of experience, we will resolve your doubts.


Carry the phone without cover, opinion

First of all… what is a sheath? For protect the phone from drops or scratches. This is basically what it is used for a sheath. In addition, that many liners grab well the mobile surfaces, as it can be a table, so that they do not slip even vibrate.

But does need to cover all of the mobile? Not really. Depends a lot on the terminal, because there are more or less resistant. What we need to check, is what type of resistance you have our smartphone. If you have the iPhone 7 Jetback and what you carry without holster, secure the 2-day appear rascazos.

I have been doing tests with the Nexus 6S and I have taken him without sleeves a couple of days. It has never happened. But I have not really exposed has fallen, or keys in the pocket, because if so, stripe safe.

Then, you’ll be able to carry your mobile without cover but provided that you’re careful

If you do not intend to sell your mobile and that is perfect after one or two years, you can carry it without a holster that you do not pass anything. Yes, you try that you will not fall or take him with keys, because it could araƱarse all, and become good ugly. But if you’re going to sell, any imperfection serves to to barter on a few euros.

Although not take cover, it takes at least a screen protector. Almost not noticeable and it helps (although the experience without the protector is very good). What we will see in another post.

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