Bring, the best app to make your shopping list

shopping the house can be quite a challenge, both for our pocket and our memory. It is very easy to be at home and think that we need to buy certain things, but when we arrived at the supermarket we forget all and we ended up buying items that we don’t need and we to buy other that if we need to.

This happens to us all and that’s why there’s Bring, an application that allows us to make shopping lists easily and quickly. Forget about the lists of paper and continues reading to find out all the details

Bring, the best guide for the household shopping

Bring is an application that lets you create a shopping list in seconds. Account with a wide variety of categories, such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, sweets, household, among others.

Within these categories there are dozens of products, so that if we write for example, “milk” will show us various options such as soy milk, coconut or full. Only we click on the we want and it will automatically be added to the list. And if the product does not appear in the application, we can manually add it.

The best thing of all is that you can add any information to this product, then, if we want a brand in particular of this article, or by a particular amount, it is only a matter of writing it or take a picture that we have at home and attach it in the list.

Bring allows us to create lists in collaboration with other people

One of the more interesting options that has Bring is the possibility of sharing the list with other people. This collaboration allows us to make changes between all the members. In addition, we will notify you when the person in charge of making the purchases is directed to do so, so that anyone can make last-minute changes.

Multiple functions Bring

Bring has a large number of features interesting enough so we will try to show you the most important.

  • Synchronization with Wear OS: we can see the list from our smartwatch and have your hands free during shopping. We can even go by labeling products.
  • Create multiple lists at once: we can create lists, apart for special events like a birthday or a recipe for a different meal.
  • web Access: it does not matter if a person does not have the app, just like from a computer through the web to Bring you can participate in the creation of a list.

And the best thing to Bring is that is an app completely free and without advertising.

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