BQ Aquaris M8, this is the new tablet of the Spanish company

After a small phase of inactivity, BQ is renovating several of its devices, we already talked some weeks ago about the new device, the Aquaris Or, that in spite of their processors and of its design something picturesque paint pretty well for the input range brand

Now, the BQ has been good enough to launch a new tablet, the field that controls pretty well and usually offer a few great results, driven in large part by the low requirements that users have when looking for a tablet that we’re not going to use it for work.

bq aquaris m8

Features of the BQ Aquaris M8

In the first place, I must say that for its size and features, , this tablet is dedicated mainly to the consumption media, do not use for work, so that the perspective from which we are going to assess is not the same as it would be if the tablet was intended to use labour as which could offer an iPad Pro, for example.

The BQ Aquaris M8 has a screen –protected by a glass tout les– 8-inch-resolution HD, which it may be worth to many users, but in my opinion it is a resolution somewhat short in comparison with its big screen –something that tends to happen to many manufacturers–. If we find smartphones of 5 inches with Full HD displays, why not a tablet of 8 inches at the same resolution?

bq aquaris m8Your processor is a MediaTek MT8163B, a Quad-Core 1.3 GHz helped by the low resolution of the tablet will make this move almost all, that yes, do not expect, nor much less a spectacular performance. The new tablet is BQ also with 2GB of RAM figure that is taking hold as the standard in the mid range-low and that will give us a pretty good performance due to the limited customization that incorporates the Spanish firm in its terminals, that they much more fluid.

battery is 4050mAh,, which should be sufficient for the use of this tablet, and is certainly another point in which helps the low resolution of the screen, all acopañado an internal memory of 16GB –we should start to climb up to 32GB– with a MicroSD card slot. Alongside all this, we have others added, as the usual port Micro-HDMI to be able to see all of our content on television.

what Is the point of a tablet today?

That the tablet market is finished it is a view quite widespread among many users, who argue that there is nothing that a tablet can do that will not offer you as a mobile phone, or that due to its short power it is not possible to replace a laptop intended for use work.

however, personally it seems to me that a tablet should not be understood as a substitute of these two devices, but an add-on aimed primarily at the leisure. As a tablet, with a screen larger than a smartphone and much more transportable than a laptop is a perfect medium to watch movies or series, consume content on YouTube, read, or even listen to music.

bq aquaris m8

Price and availability

This tablet is available today on Amazon or go no further, the web of BQ. you can find it for a price of 170 euros, that I consider to be acceptable taking into account the use to which it is intended, but that would be rather expensive due to the deficiencies that it has on aspects such as the processor or the screen.

BQ Aquaris M8 174,50 € BUY
PVP 175 € 175 € BUY
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