BlueStacks 4, the new version of the Android emulator is now available for Windows

BlueStacks is one of the emulators of Android most famous and that have made a difference since they hit the market in 2011. For years we teach you all of the benefits and updates of BlueStacks that allows us to use Android applications on our computer. It should be noted that, with the passage of time has been improving and adding new functions. A year after the launch of BlueStacks 3, the company has released its 4th installment and today you can already download it on any PC.

The 4th version goes from kitKat to Android 7.1.2 and it is a big step forward for the platform because it will be 8 times faster than the predecessor. But the speed is not the only thing that calls the attention of this new BlueStacks 4. Want to know what we offer? Stay with us to find out.

BlueStacks 4, new interface and functions have been renovated in the Android emulator

The first thing we can notice in the BlueStacks 4 is that it has changed quite a bit-level interface. It is much more simply than the previous version, easier to use and teaches us the applications installed just open the program. At the bottom there will be a bar very similar to the Windows with some shortcuts that are by default; App Center, Google Play, BlueStacks World and Multi Instance. And in addition, allows us to have several windows open at the same time to agilizarnos the work. Although, if you don’t like it, you can change it through the settings.

The mapping tool has been revamped and redesigned to make it easier to assign a touch action to each key. This new method allows us to drag a series of default actions to an area of the screen to emulate the action. It is ideal for the shooters, since you can configure the emulator so that when you click, simulates the button to shoot and for that turn when you move the mouse. And besides, you can configure the “shift” key to make the dummy escape from the shooting.

The emulator is totally free through the developer’s web or via this link. Approximately weighs 400 MB and PC of 16 GB of RAM, SSD hard disk, processor Intel i5-7400 to 3 GHz with Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti works in a smooth way. Yes, your computer will go better or worse, and we recommend that you have a good PC to download it. Although if you don’t like it, you can try other emulators for Android.

Official Source | BlueStacks

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