Bluboo XWatch, all the information

blubloo xwatch toda la informacion

We are very excited to have with us the Bluboo XWatch, a smart watch with Android Wear that would cost at least 100 euros, we are faced with a great news. A smartwatch with a body very interesting, and with the operating of Google, what more can we ask? It is best to discover in depth, because you may find that you enjoy it as much as the LG Watch Urbane and will save you a few euros:

Bluboo XWatch – Features

This Bluboo XWatch equiparía a screen 1.3-inch circular and resolution 360 x 360. In the photos, we can see a metal body, buttons and dials interchangeable to squeeze the experience of the user. In addition, feel very good on the wrist, since that just has 9,8 mm thick. What we can see in the image below, so judge for yourself:

bluboo xwatch caracteristicashow much to the other data, we hope to 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage internal, coupled to a processor MediaTek MT2601 1.2 GHz latiría within our Bluboo. How much to the other data, battery of 410 mAh with the aguantaríamos the safe day.

What we still don’t know, but that yes sound rumors, is that this Bluboo XWatch would be waterproof and shock-resistant. We will soon see much of a confirm in an official way. How to support for SIM, we doubt it for its price, all the rumors point to that not. And what about the sensors? GPS, barometer and cardiómetro at least. It’s pretty full.

Release in February and for less than 100 euros

The price of this Bluboo XWatch would be around 100 dollars, that is to say, a few 92 euros at the exchange. The price is very tempting, because today’s smartwatches with Android Wear for around 300 euros as a minimum, so that is an interesting bet to consider. In February what we would have with us if there are changes.

What do you think of this Bluboo XWatch? Do you want to have one on your wrist?

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