Block a contact within a group of WhatsApp is near


WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the best instant messaging service. Perhaps in the scale we have appreciated that it is the most popular but not what we doubt. Now, when you create a group of WhatsApp sometimes there are people who send many messages, and can arise the doubt, can I block a member of a group of WhatsApp?

today we opted to mute the entire group when someone is very heavy, but WhatsApp constantly works on the improvement of the service (especially since it has been purchased by Facebook) and in addition give you the possibility to block a contact (preventing communication, that look at our profile picture, or when we connect) wants to give you more. Blocking a contact is useful for heavier or spammers.

What do we do with the heavy group in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp you want to, for all the improvements he has made, that the user can organize your messages easily and at the same time fight against SPAM as an easy way. In the centre of translations of WhatsApp you can see that soon it will block participants of a group chat in WhatsApp to stop receiving single messages and not the rest of the group.

Blocking a contact is not in the groups. If you have a contact locked and you’re in a group with him (sometimes it happens), they can bother also and when you are not the administrator you cannot delete a spammer. WhatsApp will solve the problem by adding this possibility.

it shall Not be necessary to silence the group, you will be able to delete only the messages from those who want if we are bothersome. A measure that seems to be very effective and that will end once and for all with typical users sent annoying messages all the time on WhatsApp.

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