Black Friday at Amazon: The best deals


We went on this Black Friday and what do we do for everything high with the best deals that come to us from Amazon and allow us to make products very eye-catching prices really of scandal. And is that, as happens every year around these dates, today is the day that unleashed the madness in thousands of malls around the world that offer thousands of products with a significant discount.

consumers are not fools and know very well when you should take the opportunity to buy that smartphone we both were looking forward to or that camera that was previously too expensive. In that sense, days like today are ideal to give to us some fancy and do some that another gift that the more we want to. Of course, taking into account the proximity of the christmas time, we can also take the opportunity to buy gifts and keep them safe so that will not be discovered.

Get the best deals on Amazon this Black Friday

we Started strong this Black Friday with a list of products that are available at a price of scandal and sure to attract the attention of many of you. Among the products to highlight we can find the Motorola Moto G4 Plus, a really interesting device that already analyzed website and that offers exceptional performance thanks to its Snapdragon processor 617, a GPU Adreno 405, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB expandable thanks to a microSD card and a range of 3,000 mAh. In addition, the device also offers fast charging, something that has become really essential today.


on the other hand we the Samsung Gear S2 version Classic, a smart watch that features with dimensions of 51 mm in height, 44 of the year, a thickness of 13 mm and only 51 grams, we are dealing with a device low-key does not clash when worn. Includes a 1.6 GHz processor, 512 RAM and 4 GB of storage, plus a battery of 250 mAh with which we will be able to use the watch for approximately two days.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus 222,01 € BUY
RRP 269 euros €
TVC LG 55″ LED UHD 751,00 € BUY
PVP 751 euros €
portable Speaker UE Boom 2 99,00 € BUY
PVP 209,99 euros €
Watch multisport Garmin Fenix 3 366,96 € BUY
RRP 479 euros €
Sphero – Robot electronic droid BB-8 Star Wars 147,81 € BUY
PVP 147,81 euros €
Samsung Gear S2 Classic 219,00 € BUY
RRP 349 euro €
Watch training, Polar M400 HR 139,99 € BUY
PVP 200 euros €
iPhone 6 Plus black – Refurbished Apple 649,00 € BUY
RRP 699 euro €
Laptop Lenovo Ideapad 310 649,00 € BUY
PVP 649 € €
Lenovo Yoga Tab3 Plus 338,08 € BUY
PVP 338,08 € €
Crucial MX300 – solid state Drive-internal 750 GB SATA 129,90 € BUY
PVP 185,98 euros €
compact Camera 20.2 MP Sony DSCRX100 352,26 € BUY
PVP 600 euros €
GoPro HERO4 Black Edition Adventure 330,00 € BUY
PVP 529,99 euros €

of course, as you can see in the above list, there are many more products with great discounts that will surely interest you. We have to point out that throughout the day today we will be receiving new deals and we will release more products with discount, so we invite you to be attentive to the page of Facebook that we have prepared to keep you informed and in which you can find many discounted products.

What seem to you to be the rebates, that have opened the Black Friday the guys from Amazon?

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