Big news from WhatsApp to 2017

Today we want to talk about a topic a bit subjective, as are the great news WhatsApp to 2017. For the moment, although there is only a little more than a month ahead, have not rung news of the other world, but a lot of rumors that could end up coming.

The idea of this article is to go collect all the news that we will have in WhatsApp in 2017. It is clear that the list of what’s new right now is short, but with time will grow as the foam. We started with the collection:

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Great news WhatsApp to 2017

Yes, we have GIFs embedded in the app (at least we hope).

  • GIFs integrated. If you are using telegram or messenger sure that you know of what you speak of, have a tab for sticker or gifs and be able to find and send GIFs without having to download them from the Internet and send them by WhatsApp. It is a way to seedy out of the way. We hope to integrate them, the rumors say yes (but it might not happen ever).
  • ┬┐Some functionality of Telegram? There are many things of Telegram that like a lot of users, as is the self-destruction of messages. Who knows if it ends up in this. The success of Snapchat is very related to this is the truth.
  • More features to the photos. We have improved a lot on the subject of the photos, now we can even add effects, it is possible to reach any feature that for now we do not know.
  • Games. They will get on Messenger and WhatsApp is Facebook, who knows if you finish coming a mini-game to WhatsApp-type 3 in a row. It would be great that were integrated in the chat to play with friends who we talked to.
  • Ceases to be compatible with some mobile phones. This is the most bad but that does not stop being a reality. Here you can see the list of phones that will be compatible with WhatsApp.

we will Update with more news, what is it that you want?

we Will be updating the article with more information and rumors as we know. Certainly not waste anything from this that we tell you.

What what’s new are you waiting for WhatsApp to 2017?

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