Beware the hoax “do not dial 90#” circulating again for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the preferred means of evil to send all sorts of scams and hoaxes with the aim of users fall into the trap and pass through box. Many times, it all stays in nothing, but other times we end up with thousands of users subscribed to SMS, or with a virus that has infected their smartphones and now the control what others have. But one of the hoaxes that we have more time without knowing anything is the not dial 90# WhatsApp, the funny thing is that it has returned. Very careful with this type of chain fake WhatsApp, almost all circulating are false. Don’t do that!

As we have our fellow ADSLZone, are returning to WhatsApp many hoaxes that had long been buried. One of the most well-known and you’ll probably remember from back in 2014, this hoax dialing 90# on WhatsApp.


Careful with the hoax of dial 90# on WhatsApp

If you receive the previous image that simulates a sheet published by the Directorate General of the Police, do not listen. Warns of fake dangers of dial 90# from the mobile, because it could subscribe to premium SMS or to recover the calls without realizing it, but it’s all a lie.

The image begins something like this with a “careful with the phone, you have to be attentive“. do Not mark 90#. “Careful with the phone, call you on the phone saying that they are technical service of Telecom, or Telephone and ask if they have tone dialing. With the excuse that they need to perform checks of the line, they ask you to dial 90# (nine-zero-pad). Once that’s done, you say that there are no problems and give you the thanks. Result.. your line is now receiving calls, so all calls you make to them will be charged to you.”

This is all a lie. It has never been this sheet of truth! Companies are not going to charge you or are you going to do that your line is receiving calls, neither Telefónica nor Telecom nor any. Scams like these there are many. #StopBulos.

don’t believe everything you see WhatsApp

we Could be more radical and say that don’t believe everything you see WhatsApp, but taking into account that distributed many hoaxes, it is best that you do not listen to this type of strings, or to inform us as soon as possible to us or to the Police on the Twitter account, to confirm that it is a hoax or a scam that circulates through the messaging service leader.

If you get don’t listen and don’t be afraid to dial 90#.

do You got this photo to WhatsApp any time?