Beware! An image might hack you Android mobile

Google has announced, via the security bulletin of February, several users have been hacked due to an image .png. As well as what you are reading, a simple image could circumvent the security of your phone. have You ever noticed a little time on your mobile? Find out why open a PNG image could hack you Android mobile.

This would be the main error encountered by Google in their new update of the security patch of the day 1st February.

¿How it works this new hack?

Android hack png

Well, it turns out not to be so difficult. to open the png image. it would be activating the exploit that would allow a hacker to take total control of your mobile. If, when you see only one image you’d be giving the attacker access to be able to play with all your privacy.

This new hack attacks all versions of operating system from Android 7.0 to Android 9.0. The other two bugs that would have this new update would be related to failure of remote execution that affect the library of the Android system files and components Nvidia.

For now, Google has explained that those affected had this new update for the security patch. So that you can stay calm if your phone does not yet have this version.

Possible solution

just four days, Google has taken to find the solution that is already available in the security patch from February 5, 2019. However, remember that the updates are things that are slow in coming to all Android devices.

By now this response has come only to computers with Android One and the Google Pixel. But what happens with phones that don’t have Android One? Here, two things happen:

  • If you phone has not updated the security patch that has the error you should not worry about. When you do this it is safer to go directly to the update that fixes the error.
  • You phone already has the security patch that has the error and you have to wait for it to update. Do not look for external solutions to this since you could worsen you device.

Prevention is better than regret. Prevents this type of images reach you by apps such as WhatsApp. Click here to know how to increase you security in WhatsApp.

¿How to know what version of the security patch I have?

The first thing you should know is that the layers of customization of the manufacturers placed in different locations, this information.

Now, you should look at:

  • Settings.
  • Security and Privacy.
  • security Update.

The vulnerability in Android devices is something that daily gets in game. In Androidphoria always recommend you to take all the precautionary measures to avoid being affected by this kind of things.

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