Best free Android apps for scanning documents

Currently the Android phones can fulfill various functions. One of these functions has to do with scanning documents. This is an excellent way to be able to scan all types of files, as is the case of receipts, invoices, emails, etc So, here introduce you the best 5 free Android apps to scan documents.

┬┐What are the best Android apps for scanning documents?

you Can find in the Play Store for a lot of applications that claim they can scan all sorts of documents. The problem with this is that many apps are poorly optimized and end up doing a bad job, plus they are unsafe. It is for this reason that we’ll tell you which ones are really the best apps that let you scan without any problems.

Before you begin, in case you need 3D scans, here are 3 apps for scanning objects in 3D with your mobile Android. The procedure is very simple, as it only takes a couple of minutes.

1.- Adobe Scan, a full app and simple

Mejores apps Android para escanear

Adobe Scan is one of the applications more new that there is to scan the documents. This application makes the work expected, that is to say, scan documents and all type of receipts. One of its most useful functions is in to locate the scanned files to send them by mail in a direct way. You can also do copies of the documents in the cloud and convert files to PDF.

2.- CamScanner, a variety of useful functions

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