Beldum will conduct the Day of the Community of Pokémon GO in October

Pokémon GO, the famous application of Niantic, continues to reap success with the passage of time, and has already reached 2,000 million dollars in revenue since its launch. In addition, the application recently confirmed to Meltan, a new and peculiar species never seen before in the famous saga of Nintendo. Now it has been announced that Beldum it will host the Community Day in the month of October.

The application of Niantic continues to be updated with several new to players of Pokémon GO, and the coaches already know when will take place the next Community Day of the month of October. Through a press release, the title has been confirmed that the event will be held on October 21 from 11:00 to 14:00 hours in Europe.

A-type Pokémon Steel and Psychic

In this occasion will be Beldum, a Pokemon type is Steel and Psychic, who plays the lead, the Community Day of the next month. It is expected that the baits last three hours in this event and that the eggs hatch 1/4 faster. In addition, the game has confirmed that Beldum will be a movement exclusive, although it has not revealed what it is.

the Day of the Community proposes the user to go outside and play with other trainers in the parks close to their homes. During just a few hours, players will be able to find a Pokémon special in the wild and will have the opportunity to be with a movement that was not available prior to that creature or to its evolution.

This type of event also offers the possibility of get some bonus and the opportunity to make new friends within the application of augmented reality. For now we have to wait for that Pokémon GO to confirm all the details of the next Day of the Community and the movement exclusively with the Beldum you will win users.

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