Become an expert of Magic: The Gathering with MTGFamiliar


As some of you will know, in one of my articles I mentioned that I’m a player quite advanced card game Magic: The Gathering. Since a few years game, I have a community of friends like-minded, and always meeting with whom they played, because we are many millions playing in the world, with in-app game included in the Play Store

In the past since I talked about Magic Assemble, the manager game of Magic, a very useful application to manage all your achievements in the game. And even though I was very full, has been out-of-date. But rest assured: the solution is more than compensatory.

MTG Family, the app for fans of this addictive role-playing game, is available, and never so alive. Do you want to know it?

Your best adviser in Magic

Unfortunately, as in the other app, we do not have images of your complete interface. In response –jargon of players– I enjoyed a few arts to which the article is to make you more enjoyable.


MTG Familiar app is a “all in one”. Has its own counter of life, a seeker of letters you may too full that allows you to search cards by the smallest parameter. From mana cost, color of the letter, to the artist who made the image of the letter. it Has a section that allows you to view the tournament rules, letters, blocked, formats available –to avoid rows– and to simulator dice.

Perhaps the most remarkable of this app will be your activity. Daily, the app will look for updates in the database to detect new editions, new cards, new events to include in the search parameters, and be aware of everything. No need to install anything, the app takes care of it all, and believe me, to find a letter urgently this speed is appreciated.

Another of its strengths is its interface. Is clean, simple and without many complications. If you’re not a highly-skilled player might miss a bit through the menus to find that letter that calls to you, but that is in the first few moments of using the application. And by the way, bonus track: for more advanced players the app load Planechase, a form of Magic unknown even to their players.

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An interesting option


MTG Familiar is for free, and with continued support in the Play Store. Whether you’re a player is seasoned or if you’re a beginner, you can not miss this app if you want to become in the stronger of the Planeswalkers Magic: The Gathering.

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