BBM for Android is updated with new functions and features

Many of you will know the history of this instant messaging application, although it may be that some do not know what we are talking about, so let’s make a brief introduction.

BBM it is an instant messaging application that so only it was available in Blackberry devices, it was an app exclusive. Due to the rise of Android, the devices of the canadian company lost many users and, therefore, it was thought in open this application to the rivals, Android and iOS.

bbm-androidsupporters of this change believed that this would only get many more benefits, although this measure increased the number of opponents. These thought to be open to competition, BBM would no longer be exclusive and therefore Blackberry will lose even more market share.

In the year 2013 BBM arrived for both, Android as for iOS. From this moment, Blackberry started to add features and functions such as video and voice calls. You could find stickers of BBM from your own store and appeared groups called ‘Channels’ which allow companies to promote their products.

Blackberry has updated the version of the Android app. Now with BBM Feeds we can share photos and posts on video, however, only the owner of the channel you can share this video. Another change is the self-destruction of messages 25 seconds later.

blackberry-messenger-en-android-e-iosupdate BBM for Android brings the following news:

  • Possibility share images with all your contacts through publications
  • Update arrangement of the contacts
  • channels BBM are accessible from the menu Discover
  • self-Destruction of the messages to the 25 seconds
  • Ease of create groups to chat with several people
  • code scanner bar appears more prominent in the menu
  • channels BBM support publications on video
  • New BBM Game Center in the menu Discover (Indonesia)
  • Correction of errors

to be able To enjoy the new features of the application, we leave the link to Google Play, the download of the application is totally free.

Google Play | BBM (Free)

have You tried the application? What do you think?

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